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Support the channel: https://seo.video/merch ▷ Chris Palmer - CEO @ Chris Palmer Marketing - SEO Educator, YouTuber, Local/GMB SEO Expert. Links to fu...

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Support the channel: https://seo.video/merch ▷ Chris Palmer - CEO @ Chris Palmer Marketing - SEO Educator, YouTuber, Local/GMB SEO Expert. Links to full videos below:

Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs (Updated: March 2021)

Google organized the questions into three sections: Metrics & Tooling, Page Experience & Search, and AMP. So be sure to check that out with May just around the corner. The link is in the description

This brings me to my tweet of the week, which is by Kristina Azarenko. She found that removing Twitter shaved off close to 10 seconds from her page speed. So think twice before you use social embeds.

Google Search console released a quick video on a few common SEO questions let's listen to a few.​

Julie Adams shares 3 SEO Must-Do's Before Starting Any SEO Campaign this past week on Matt Diggity's channel.

Speaking of metadata. How important are meta descriptions with the recent update? Ted and Lee share their findings on SEO Fight Club

On the Edge of the Web podcast, Erin talked about Rand's article on zero-click searches and featured snippets which got a lot of attention this past week. Let's see what this article is about.

In my opinion, Google is going to do what they want to do. It's their website. This makes me more eager to optimize for snippets, and on the Income School channel, they identified featured snippets that you can easily take over

Do you know what the new Google SMITH Algorithm is about? I did know much about it until I found this video this past week on the Perficient channel

What SEO strategy is better than getting backlinks?


Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, This is an SEO and digital marketing specialist with over a decade of experience.

He is currently the founder of Chris Palmer Marketing, which he c- founded with his wife and childhood friend.

He constantly tests the algorithm to know his SEO tactics and techniques will bring results.

He currently runs a Facebook group with close to 2 thousand SEOs.

He posts almost daily on his YouTube channel with close to 10 thousand subscribers.

He wants to be your favorite SEO.

Please welcome top GMB Local SEO experts, Chris Palmer!

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