5 Hours of Local SEO & Google My Business Insight

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00:00:00 Joy Hawkins — The State of Local Search in 2021 00:03:30 Joy Hawkins starts presentation 00:14:14 Bad content doesn't do anything 00:15:10 Co...

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00:00:00 Joy Hawkins — The State of Local Search in 2021
00:03:30 Joy Hawkins starts presentation
00:14:14 Bad content doesn't do anything
00:15:10 Convert Searchers into customers - reviews
00:16:42 Review Attacks
00:20:20 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
00:23:30 Fake listings
00:27:55 Q+A What is the real value of posts on Google My Business
00:34:20 Q+A Do you recommend reporting duplicate map listing
00:43:50 Q+A Is Google helpful with removing reviews from review attacks

01:01:40 Jason Barnard — Google is Your Homepage — Learn How to Optimize It
01:04:14 Jason Barnard starts presentation
01:06:50 Your Brand SERP is your homepage
01:12:20 Proactive ORM (that improves E-A-T)
01:12:45 Great Brand SERP Control
01:13:56 Problematic Brand SERP Control
01:18:20 Three steps to fill the left rail with love
01:34:40 Q+A Have you encountered difficulties when your optimising for national ranking but getting strong local knowledge panel
01:38:30 Q+A What are some of the ways to tackle branded SERP if you have a similar name
01:44:30 Q+A Best Local SEO tools

02:01:30 Rasmus Himmelstrup — The True Value Of Local Search: A Case Study Across Five Countries
02:02:30 Introductions
02:03:40 Rasmus starts presentation
02:09:20 Map duplicates - GMB spam detection tool
02:09:50 Initial Google My Business Optimisations
02:11:20 Insights from Paid Search - CPV Vs. CPO
02:13:00 Organic Traffic Performance
02:16:46 How to gain maximum value of local search
02:19:45 Q+A When is the best time to use a local management tool
02:23:12 Q+A How to tackle local search if you're a middleman platform with physical presence

02:30:52 Tim Capper — Local SEO for Service-Area Businesses into 2021
02:34:00 Tim starts presentation
02:34:35 Optimising for 2021
02:37:40 Service areas
02:40:30 Products & Services
02:46:00 Sites Targeting
02:47:40 Work/Jobs Pages
02:49:40 Update & Add Structured Data

03:01:35 Greg Gifford — Ricky Bobby's Guide to Winning at Local Link Building in 2021
03:09:17 Google's local algorithm looks at links differently and so should you
03:10:50 In local SEO, we don't care about Domain Authority or Trust Flow
03:12:30 Local links are awesome because they're hard to reverse-engineer
03:14:30 There are 5 basic ways to get local links
03:16:34 Ideas for local links
03:34:25 Grab free links
03:38:40 Q+A Do social media links count for Local SEO
03:45:40 Q+A Do those local business directories become local citations
03:55:40 Q+A What would you recommend for local link building
02:52:00 Q+A Does Google place more weight on auto pick
02:54:50 Q+A Can any business use the service listing

03:59:20 Darren Shaw — Local SEO Myths Debunked
04:02:40 Darren starts presentation
04:03:35 Setting a Service area in GMB impacts rankings
04:05:20 Keywords in the GMB description impact rankings
04:07:35 Using Call Tracking number negatively impacts rankings
04:12:10 Geo tagging images impacts rankings
04:13:45 Embedding a Google Map on your website impacts rankings
04:22:40 Q+A How do you deal with a name change on GMB
04:24:30 Does hiding your address hinder you in local search

04:30:38 Greg Sterling — Why Listings Management Still Matters
04:34:20 Greg starts presentation
04:35:25 Uberall at a glance
04:36:10 Definitions, briefly
04:38:50 In the interim, a couple of things happened
04:40:50 Do local citations matter anymore?
04:42:25 We can all agree
04:43:00 Does long tail matter
04:46:30 Listing completeness: impact on engagement
04:54:15 Q+A Local landing pages for offices
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