Ecommerce Website Tutorial - Create an Online Store in 20 Minutes!

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➡️ Get started with Wix - In this tutorial I'm gonna show you step-by-step how to create an online store using the...

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➡️ Get started with Wix -

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you step-by-step how to create an online store using the Wix platform. After watching it you will be able to launch a professionally looking and full-fledge ecommerce website even if you're a complete beginner in website building.

For your convinience, I've divided this video to a three parts. In the first one I'm gonna cover such things as: how to pick a right template, how to use the Wix website editor, add new elements (text, images, stripes, etc.), add and manage pages, switch between the desktop and mobile version, easily customize any element on a page and so on.

In the second part I'm gonna take you through online store management: how to add new products and collections, set up payment methods and shipping, add your business information, and do such other things.

And in the final part I'm gonna show you how to properly publish your website, why you need a custom domain and where to get it, how to do SEO for product pages and the whole website, what is a favicon and how to add it and so much more.

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00:00 - Intro
01:21 - Sign up
01:42 - Create a new website
02:23 - Wix ADI or Wix editor?
02:44 - Pick a template
03:24 - Upgrade to a premium plan

Part one - store appearance

04:39 - What does a page consist of?
05:30 - The “Zoom out” mode
06:19 - How to customize and manage elements on a page?
07:14 - How to add new stripes and elements to a page?
07:39 - Switch between desktop and mobile version
08:38 - Navigate through pages and manage them
09:38 - Save and undo/redo changes
09:58 - Edit the homepage

Part two - store management

16:35 - Add and manage products
21:22 - Set up payments
22:04 - Set up shipping options
22:48 - Set up sale tax
23:51 - Set up store checkout, policies, email notifications, etc.

Part three - publish your website and connect a domain

24:24 - Publish your website and connect a domain
25:27 - Get a mailbox
25:48 - Wix SEO wizard
26:53 - How to add a favicon?
27:30 - How to add your business info?
27:41 - How to add analytics?

28:08 - Wix apps

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