How to make $100k from 1 email + monetize your email list @lewiswf & Brittany Michalchuk

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Lewis is a founder of a multi million dollar company, Patrick Adair Designs! He also is a consultant for marketing, business and he helps people monetize their following through email marketing. He helps you with a full service business strategy, product marketing on social media & helps position you online to help you make more money! Contact him through IG @lewiswf

In this episode on the Vitamin B Show we discuss with Lewis Fausett about online marketing strategies. We deep dive why it's important to own your audience, how to grow it, creating engaging storytelling emails, and grow your brand...

He developed and scaled the business model from a start-up to an eight-figure company. He's the copywriting genius that makes people buy/click by reading his storytelling emails... Lewis used his passion for digital marketing strategy to create and oversee the marketing strategy responsible for scaling revenue from $15,000 per month to 7 figures of annual revenue.

Topics we've covered:
1. Email marketing
- The importance of owning your audience
- How to build your email list
- Engaging with your subscribers with storytelling
- The importance of a subject line
- Building machine to grow your email subscribers
- How to create the perfect subject line for your email
- THE most important part of your email
- The 101 on click bait titles
- Sales VS value add

2. Copywriting
- The importance of copywriting on the internet
- How to create genuine stories from your experience
- 80/20 rule (80% value & 20% pitch)
- Copywriting tips to create viral content
- How to tell powerful stories
- How to become a powerful copywriter
- How to identify your TD
- How to grab your readers attention
- Tricks to copy writing, metaphors, alliteration etc
- Why emotion is important in your message.
- Tip based content

3. Building social media brand
- Studying and modeling successful brands to grow your following
- The importance of collaboration with influencers
- How to give them a reason to watch your content
- Social media and paid advertising
- Algorithm hacks

Connect with Lewis: @lewiswf
Connect with Brittany: @brittanymichalchuk
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