Local SEO for Entrepreneurs in 2021

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We may be in the midst of Coronavirus, and many businesses are having a tough time. But there is good news also. According to Google in a webinar in A...

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We may be in the midst of Coronavirus, and many businesses are having a tough time. But there is good news also. According to Google in a webinar in August, local searches had gone up 15% in the last few months.
So, don’t despair. There are ways to get those new customers to notice you. In fact, here are 7 ways to attract new local customers (in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond):
1. Make it easy for people to find you online.
How is your Google maps listing? Have you updated it lately? One of the best ways to get in front of local customers in by having a compelling Google (and don’t forget Bing) maps listing. Make sure it has all the correct information for you. Update your hours, and add COVID-19 information if you need to. There are so many companies that haven’t done this, and it just frustrates customers. Have your information up to date so you can impress them, unlike your competition.
This is one of the things I teach in my Local SEO Master Class for Entrepreneurs. Enrollment is opening soon, so go to www.portbell.com and click on SEO 101 Master Class in the Cheat Sheets area.
And start writing updates about how your business is doing in the blog area of your Google business listing. Google indexes these blogs, so they might start showing up on search results.
2. SEO your web site (for beginners)
SEO is a cryptic word (almost as cryptic as the word cryptic), but there are simple things you can do to improve your online presence.
The number 1 thing is writing appealing text on your web site. How many words are on each page of your web site? If there are less than 2,000, you may not get to page one. The average web page on the top of Google is over 2,000 words according to a study done in early 2020.
3. Partner with a non-profit
A great way for a brick-and-mortar business to ramp up sales and foot traffic, is to partner with a local nonprofit or charitable organization and earmark a portion of sales as a donation to the organization.

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Now, where were we?
4. Ask for referrals.
I’m an introvert, so trust me, I know exactly how tough this is. But you have clients that are incredibly happy with your products/services. Ask them to leave a review on your Google Business page (see tip 1). And the more reviews you get (be sure to get some on Google, Bing and even Facebook), the higher you will get in search engines.
Better than that, though, the more reviews you get, the more potential customers will trust you.
5. Giveaways
A barbershop in San Francisco has a “Free haircut Saturday” once every 3 months for low income people. They don’t ask if the people are low income, anyone that comes in the shop will get a haircut for free on that Saturday.
A Tacoma chiropractor offers a free pancake breakfast once a month.
What innovative things can you do?
Giveaways are a great way to help others and get noticed at the same time. Don’t just do the giveaway, make sure the media knows about it. Maybe you will be on the local news soon.
6. E(and)Mail Marketing
Email (including Facebook messaging, Instagram DMs, etc.) has been a staple for marketers and businesspeople for years, so it may get overlooked sometimes. And all the new restrictions can make it difficult to understand how you can, and can’t, send emails these days. So, look at an email platform to take care of all the picky stuff for you.
But don’t forget old-school mail either. Fewer people use it than ever, so a letter or postcard could get noticed even better than email these days.
7. Old Can Be New
If you have been in business more than a few years, chances are you have old customers that you have not contacted for a while. But these can be a great source for many things:
1. See if they would be willing to give you a review. Since it’s been a while, they know that your work was as good as you said it would be
2. Ask for referrals. They may know others that could use your products or services. This also gives you a chance to tell them about new products/services you may have.
3. Ask them how you can help them. Maybe they need your products or services again. Or maybe you can give them a referral.
Learn many more ways you can get more customers in 2021 by joining our free SEO master class. Go to www.portbell.com and sign up today to get on the wait list. Enrollment is opening up on February first! The first day will have special bonuses, so get on the waitlist if you want to be notified how to enroll!
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