LOCAL SEO RANKING BOOST : Google My Business Workflow | Episode 11

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Google My Business Workflow is designed to boost your SEO ranking in Google Maps and search results. NEXT: The 7 Steps For A Google My Business Proces...

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Google My Business Workflow is designed to boost your SEO ranking in Google Maps and search results. NEXT: The 7 Steps For A Google My Business Process https://youtu.be/9O_AtYYr1Rg

Episode 11 of this Google My Business beginners series looks at the 4 things you should do weekly to improve your local SEO ranking

Local SEO ranking can take time, but more importantly, it's a compounding growth factor. This video will help you set a goal of building up a regular growing business using Google My Business. With a real-life example, we continue to see how the business has grown over the past month.

The video is full of hidden gems, but if you want to jump to a chapter to help you Fastrack and get the principles, then here are some useful timestamps.

0:00 Introduction to Google My Business Tutorial
0:12 Why you need a workflow to improve SEO
0:47 How this video helps local SEO ranking
2:14 Initial Google My Business Workflow
3:30 check stats and get an overview first
4:40 1. INSIGHTS Check insights
6:45 Check keywords
7:20 Tool to check rank in Google My Business
8:10 2. PHOTOS Add real photos for increased traffic
9:30 explaining exponential growth
9:46 Chessboard compound growth to Google My business
11:53 3. POSTS with area and keywords
13:10 Event posts are best for SEO
14:57 preview Google my business post
15:10 Recrop photo in Google My Business post
15:45 4. REVIEWS Google My Business reply to reviews

A basic Google My Business Workflow - provide a boost each week
My list includes :

1. INSIGHTS keywords - persuaded saw in ep10 Measuring SEO Success in Google My Business

2. PHOTOS why a workflow for local SEO ranking?
exponential growth, applying compound growth

3. POSTS keywords including areas and categories (use insights)

4. REVIEWS reply keywords/customer photos
Keep all the keyword details
Locate your keywords by looking at what customers are looking for
Eye Catching Offers / Events / Posts
Respond to insights and adapt where needed

This video is a must if you haven't seen it,
Google My Business Process Overview (The 7 Steps)


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