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#Earcuff #Decoration #Tutorial #LanAnhHandmade #Copperwire You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video I just g...

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#Earcuff #Decoration #Tutorial #LanAnhHandmade #Copperwire
You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video
I just give a specific way, you can change any details you want to make the product according to your liking. The same method, but just a little change will result in many different products.
This pattern has many small details and is prone to deformation, so when using it you must be very careful.
The size and length of the wire used depends on the size of the peacock feathers.
You can apply the same way to make earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooch or decorations.

With earcuff, Can use wire with diameter 0.8 - 1mm (20 gauge - 18 gauge ) for the main wire and 0.3 - 0.4mm (28 gauge -26 gauge ) for wire wrap.
For larger size peacock feathers, you should use wire with a larger diameter

In the video I use :
18 gauge ( wire diameter 1mm ) : 20cm( 8 inch)
28 gauge ( wire diameter 0.3mm ) : 180cm( 70 inch). Start with 80cm for the arc, and 100cm for the straight
Crystal droplets 12 mm

Can wrap wire in straight wire section for easy manipulation, then pull up on the arc part. This method is only applicable to round wire.

Should to bend sections of alternating length to make feathers look more natural.

The operations of adding the crystal are difficult to track, so you can add it any way you want, as long as the stone is fixed.

Basic operations such as french hook ear wires, chain, hanging stones are included in the basic tutorial
*** Don't be discouraged if you don't succeed the first time, with the new template, I have to try many times before it succeeds, even if it's a simple one.

**** Music in the video :
00'08 - 02'58 : The Colonel - Zachariah Hickman
02'58 - 06'03 : The Slow Rabbit - Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum
06'03 - 10'01 : This is Not Effortless - True Cuckoo
10'01 - 13'35 : Veracruz - Quincas Moreira
13'35 - 16'55 : Wandering Soul - Asher Fulero

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00:00 Preview, Materials and Tools
00:35 Bending main wire
01:55 Create curving lines
03:52 Fixed stone
05:55 Create curving lines
09:13 Shape the peacock feathers
14:37 Finishing and adjusted
16:05 Review
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