Primary Technical SEO factors for 2021 - Part 1

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Hi, This is Rohit, Your Digital Marketing Guide. As promised today's podcast is about Primary Technical SEO factors and recommendations. Technical SEO...

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This is Rohit, Your Digital Marketing Guide.

As promised today's podcast is about Primary Technical SEO factors and recommendations.

Technical SEO is a very critical area so we are going to talk about some very important aspects in today's podcast and a few more important ones in the next podcast.

So Let's dive into it.

The First critical aspect of Tech SEO is

Crawling and Indexing

Here are some suggestions on improving this aspect for better visibility in Google Search.

Keep a check on the Crawl Report available in Google Search Console. If issues are reported contact your web developer or designer and get them resolved This should be an on-going activity especially if you have a huge website or keep making changes on your website regularly.

It is also important to check the indexing status of XML sitemap that's submitted in Google Search Console. It's also important to update your XML Sitemap Regularly. If errors are reported try to remove them asap.

You can also use Cache:Yourwebsite in Google search to check whether Google Bots can render your content properly. Especially be sure to check how your website appears to Google in Text mode using the cache: command.

You can also see rendered versions of your important pages using the url inspection option available in Google Search Console. This option is important for verifying whether google bots can see the content of your page correctly. Sites developed in Javascript often have rendering issues and could be identified using this tool.

Ensure that you block auto generated or thin content pages from Google bots using Robots.txt file. That way your crawling budget is not wasted on pages that are not at all important.

Use tools like Screaming frog or SEO power Suite to crawl your entire website to identify Broken links, Page not found, Broken Images etc Its important that these issues are resolved timely. Too many issues like these also lead to bad user experience.

The Second critical aspect of Tech SEO is
Website Navigation and Architecture
Here are some important points to remember

Have a clean and short URL structure. Too long URLs or urls with question marks, ampersand, equal to sign, or multiple folders and subfolders are not recommended.

Ensure that your important pages are only 1-2 clicks away from one another.

Have clean and simple navigation arranged logically for both Google Bots and users.

Ensure that you use interlinking often to connect your pages together where it makes sense.

Identify External links using tools like screaming frog and if you find links to social media sites like FB, Twitter etc or links to other irrelevant external websites use no-follow tags.

Add breadcrumbs on your pages as well. This helps both Google bots and Users with navigation.

Add schema tags on your website. Common schema tags that most websites can use are the address tags, Breadcrumb schema and FAQ schema. If you are an ecommerce brand you can include schema tags for reviews, ratings etc. If you are an events portal,there are a lot of specific schema tags available for events.

We have covered a lot of important factors today.

If you Have Questions? do drop a comment.

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This is Rohit Vedantwar ,Co-founder and CEO @Supramind Digital.

Thank You
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