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Hello, and welcome back. We're here at the Wall Street Conference, where in the neighborhood of half a trillion dollars is out there in the audience from 600 family offices, and some of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street folks. And they're looking for exactly the kind of people that Doug Cole represents. Because Doug Cole is the CEO of American Battery Technology Company. Welcome, Doug. Thanks for having me. Great to be here. Pleasure. Oh, and you couldn't line the stars up better for American Battery for ABML because the President United States wants green energy and American jobs correct. And American Battery, both extracts lithium, as well as remanufacturers, as your CTO, Ryan Melsert says remanufactures batteries to get those lithium batteries and the cobalt and the nickel and all that that's in there, back out so that you can sell it down the road to Tesla and to everybody else, right?
That's a great man, his greatest line is basically we're mining from above the ground, and keeping it all so going. It's really makes a lot of sense,
right? And it's a matter of time before Americans and the world really starts seriously recycling batteries, lithium batteries, in particular, because lead acid batteries 95% of them get re redone. Correct. But lithium not so much. Maybe it's five or 10% at most?
Well, in 2019 5% in the world, which was one 100,000 tons. That's a billion dollars in revenue through our process. That means $19 billion just got thrown into dirt in that year. And we're doing it more and more every year because people don't know what to do it because it's hazards people are afraid. It's a first of its kind kind of thing. It's crazy. So we got to just fix it. And I think the government be way behind fixing that now.
Oh, yeah. And and you've got Department of Energy grant correct, Brian told us about your CTO. And that means that that plant, more and more parts of that plant are being built out and proven that this extraction or remanufacturing works.
Correct. The validation for our product now for what we're doing is fantastic. We're getting it from the government, the DOE, we're getting from other departments, we're getting it from the cathode people. We're getting differently supply chain. It's fantastic, because nobody else in the United States really doing this since the United States company, right as well. I mean, there are there are lithium claims out there, but no one's working on it at this point. So
right. It's huge, right? Well, DuPont and American Lithium, as part of this can't hurt either. right,
no, DuPont, it's their water systems. They're going to help us. We're going to work with them to sell this globally. We're not going to just do it in the United States. But we'll get mining globally with those guys down the road. American lithium is a great company. They have claims in Nevada and we're just using them first, but there's 100 other companies like American lithium in the world.
Fantastic. folks talking with Doug Cole, here at the Wall Street Conference about exciting things like unicorns, and deca corns, and this is going to be one of those deca corns we're very fortunate
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