Secret SEO Tips 2021: Backlinking from YouTube for SEO I Are backlinks still important in SEO?

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Secret SEO Tips 2021: Backlinking from YouTube for SEO I Are backlinks still important in SEO?

Are backlinks still important in SEO and what is the best SEO tactic you can use in 2021 with YouTube and links?

Are backlinks still important for SEO? Well, if you listen to the majority of the SEO industry then the answer would of course be 'absolutely'. Fast forward to 2021 and ask our CEO, Simon Young, as someone who's been at the top of the SEO industry for over 20 years and you'll get a different answer:

"Backlinking is pretty much outdated now, yes, there are so many people still using it as an SEO tactic and some using it as their primary tactic. However good links, the ones you actually want and give you any SEO benefits, come from great content being interacted and shared. It's simply not good enough nowadays to blog or publish some content, then throw a link building campaign at it, that may work to some extent but those that know what they are doing, especially with video SEO will outrank the link building and traditional SEO brigade all day long"

SO, backlinking from YouTube to your website, that's super effective right now. The barrier to entry is that you need to obviously take time to make a decent video and script it correctly, the biggest thing you need to consider is engagement - make sure your audience is refined and targeted, which means that people who do find your content will stay, watch and engage - that results in good watch through rates and hence Google and YouTube will rank your videos, people will share on social and this creates the social signals and backlinks you need to rank - a far better SEO tactic thank backlinking.

Ask yourself, are backlinking campaigns worth paying for? Can you build content that people want to share? If you can 'do it properly' and make great content, then you'll get people watching, sharing, fast-forwarding, rewinding, pausing, liking. Content is still king, as it has always been, great PR is going to build you more links, but concentrate on social signals and quality content before you go building backlinking campaigns.

Backlinking from YouTube is working incredibly well at the moment, especially if you can optimise your landing pages. As an additional pro tip over the course of 2021, try adding links and comments in the Community tab on your YouTube channel, you'll need 1000 subscribers to enable this feature, but currently, Google is rewarding and sharing this content widely as well.

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