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What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies via the internet, social media, mobil...

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What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies via the internet, social media, mobile phones, or any other digital medium.

It is also an umbrella term that encompasses different marketing strategies such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Email Marketing.

Compared to traditional marketing methods such as print, billboards, and TV, digital marketing is primarily data-driven. Many popular digital advertising platforms today provide access to campaign reports for comprehensive data analysis.

With the combined forces of both the internet and technology, Digital Marketers today are able to collect and analyse data of different customer behaviour or user engagements, enabling them to facilitate more personalised content and advertisements toward clearly defined audiences for better engagement and results.

Why Digital Marketing?
Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing boasts the following benefits:

Trackable and Measurable
Technological advancements have made it fairly easy to measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns through digital analytics dashboards such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Adobe Analytics.

Through the deployment of digital analytics, the data collected over a period of time are right at your fingertips. Each and every user interaction (touchpoint) with your business produces its own set of data, allowing you to segment the data and understand how each touchpoint contributes to your bottom line (sales or conversions).

A conversion can be any action a user takes such as downloading a white paper, submitting an enquiry form, or making an online purchase.

From here, you can find out which touchpoints resonate with your target audience i.e. contributed the most conversions, and reproduce this success on future campaigns.

Efficiency in Optimisation
The emergence of media buying platforms has allowed marketers to purchase ad spaces across various websites and mobile apps and review live reports within hours.

This allows marketers to review ad campaign performance and make tweaks on the fly such as optimizing ad creatives to improve audience engagement.

Broad and Targeted Reach
With billions of users on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, your reach is primarily limited by your budget. Many of these social media platforms also allow you to target your ads to specific audiences e.g. by demographics, and interests, and behavioural patterns retargeting.

Retargeting is a form of marketing that enables you to show relevant ads to users who have visited certain pages of your website. For example, if a user visited an online shop selling groceries and navigated to a product page selling apples, the grocery shop could target the user with ads related to apples after the user leaves the site and browses other websites, social media platforms, and mobile apps.

3 Pillars of Digital Marketing
There are 3 Pillars in Digital Marketing. They are:
Digital Channels
Creative and Content
1. User-Journey
The first pillar of digital marketing is the user journey.

The user journey is a customer’s encounter and interaction with your brand across all channels digital and non-digital which shape his emotions and perceptions about your brand.

It typically starts from the awareness stage and ends at the purchase or advocacy (loyalty) stage:
Awareness: The customer is first aware of the brand.
Consideration (interest/evaluation): The customer needs to evaluate his decision and consider other brands.
Purchase (Desire/action): The customer is ready to make a purchase.
Advocacy (Loyalty): The customer spreads word of mouth and recommends the brand to his friends.

A customer typically interacts with your creatives or content on various digital channels (social media, search, display ads) and lands onto your website.

When he browses through your website or mobile app, your goal is to encourage him to take important actions which are referred to as conversions, such as filling in a contact form or adding a product to a shopping cart.

2. Digital Channels
The second pillar of digital marketing are digital marketing channels.

A marketing channel is a medium organisations use to communicate or deliver messages to consumers.

In digital marketing, digital channels are avenues where your customers come to know about your business and what it has to offer. This is where your traffic users come from.

Examples of digital marketing channels include:
Organic Search (e.g. Google)
Paid Search
Social Media
Referral (e.g. Traffic through other websites)
Organic Search
People use search engines for various reasons ranging from research, shopping, to entertainment, with Google alone handling over 40,000 queries per second (3.5 billion search queries per day).

What is Digital Marketing| Digital marketing seo agency| Online email marketing ecommerce ppc agency
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