YouTube SEO 2021: How To Rank #1 on YouTube FAST (4 Steps)

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YouTube SEO 2021: How To Rank #1 on YouTube FAST (4 Steps)

If you want to know the best YouTube SEO strategies to rank your videos #1, then this video is for you.

There are 4 steps you need to implement in order to maximize your YouTube SEO results.


YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine.

Over 2 billion people log into YouTube each month: nearly one-third of all internet traffic.

As with any search engine optimization, it’s not about driving as much traffic as possible – it’s about reaching the right kind of traffic.

You want to optimize your videos for keywords that relate to your videos and your audience’s interests.

It’s smart to run keyword research before producing your videos so you can use terms and phrases to guide your topics and eventually rank higher.


Once you know the main keyword you want to rank your YouTube video for, it’s now time to record the actual video.

What I recommend you do is following a precise structure for every video you do. My favorite one is called G.T.I., which stands for “Grab, Teach, Invite” as I explain in details in this video.

The ideal length of a video to be ranked FAST on YouTube is 8-15 minutes.

In fact, YouTube prefer longer videos than shorter ones, because YouTube want people to stay as much as possible on the platform so they can show more advertising, thus leading to more revenue.

Ultimately, the video must obviously be good in terms of quality, value and delivery. You can improve video’s overall quality with some simple post-editing tricks that I share with you here.


YouTube SEO optimization should be done on title, tags, description and thumbnail.

The title will contain the main keyword you want to rank your video for. This keyword must be placed at the beginning of the title to maximize the results in terms of ranking.

Tags are extremely important when it comes to ranking YouTube videos #1. The first tag will be the main keyword you chose before, followed by 3-4 secondary keywords and then broader keywords as explained in the video.

The goal of the description is to help the YouTube algorithm understand what the video is about, so it can be ranked #1 more easily. The optimum description length is at least 250 words.

Last, but not least, the thumbnail. If your thumbnail stands out compared to your competitors’ ones, then the Click Through Rate on your video will rise and you will have more chances of ranking to the top.


Your video is now live and optimized on YouTube. You may know that search engines don't just look at the content of a page, and that off-page SEO is important for ranking.

The number of views, likes, comments, and shares your video receives is important for the ranking as well.

This is why you must systematically distribute and promote your videos on other platforms to gain momentum. First off, share the video on your social media assets. Pick the times when your audience is active, and consider tagging relevant people.

If you have a newsletter, make sure to link to your video in the next emailing. Also link to the video URL in your email signature. Perhaps you are a member of relevant social media groups where you can share the video link too.

The wider the distribution the better. As long as you make sure it's relevant to the audiences you distribute to and don't overdo it.

And if you are really serious about getting your YouTube videos ranked #1 most of the times, then visit:

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